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Advanced SystemCare 12.2.0 Crack With Activation Key Free Full New Version Download

Advanced SystemCare 12.2.0 is bound to become slow over time, there are factors that contribute to an irresponsive PC. One of the given reasons is that Windows generate significant internal data each time a user works on the PC. In the long run, the data bulks the PC, therefore, causing it to have issues with the shortcuts, Privacy, and registry.

To this extent, Advanced SystemCare 12.2.0 comes in handy. The software has been described as an all-in-one Windows software for optimization and clean -up of Windows devices, the update of drivers, removal of malware, management of running programs and much more.

Foremost, Advanced SystemCare 12.2.0 serial key is a Windows optimization tool that identifies issues in the PC that are causing it to be slow and fixes them. Here, the software deletes any junk and duplicate files and frees up RAM.

A remarkable feature in Advanced SystemCare 12.2.0 is that it is fully automatic. Notably, the software adds itself as an auto-starting the program. Also, once a user logs in, the software runs an auto clean for privacy security. Further, the software finds and automatically generates all the issues causing the PC to be slow with a single scan. By simply pressing the scan button, the software initiates the scan and scans all the selected sections or all the sections as commanded.

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Besides, after the software performs a thorough check on the PC, it lists down all the browser’s toolbars and the startup programs. Further, the software generates all the risky items allow the user to remove them by a single click.

Although the software contains many similar features as in previous versions, the features are now advanced. For instance, the ToolBox section now contains more utilities. The new utilities include a Disk Cleaner, Auto shutdown, Process manager, file manager, and others.

The app is designed with a clean user interface that makes navigation easy. Specifically, the app has a multi-tabbed interface that opens up to different sections. Notably, the scanning goes on in the background and so does not stop or interrupt any running apps.

As a security function, the software is designed with FaceID that recognizes the computer owner by their faces. This function locks out other users from logging into your computer as a user must be facially recognized by the PC screen to gain access to it.

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Advanced SystemCare 12.2.0 also allows the users to customize a scan. In this regard, users can choose what sections they wish to scan from the software’s main interface. On the other hand, they can choose to scan all areas. That is an internet boost, privacy sweep, Startup optimization, disk optimization, Disk scan, junk files cleaner and vulnerability fix.

In addition to being a PC optimizer software, Advanced SystemCare 12 Pro is designed to allow users to update any outdated applications on their PC through the Software Updater module. This function is available in the Software’s Action Centre module. Other options in the module are password manager and game optimizer.

Other remarkable features include the Clean & Optimize module and Action Centre. The clean & optimize function is your destination for cleaning and removing any unwanted data from your PC. The function contains up to 12 modules. That is, Disc scan, Registry Cleaner, Internet Boost, Vulnerability Fix, Privacy Sweep, and Junk Files Cleaner, Shortcuts fix, spyware removal.

Besides, the software is full of features for online identity protection and Pc maintenance. Specifically, the software has about 20 tools that work for daily PC maintenance.

Main Features:

  • Modular architecture for additional tools
  • Redesigned intuitive user interface
  • Able to blocks annoying ads from malicious websites
  • Integrated with Optimized Face recognition technology
  • Performance monitor that shows RAM, Disk space, CPU
  • Customizable application and services function
  • Customizable scan; select all or tick checkbox for particular items
  • Protect module for total online security
  • Newest internet boost technology
  • Enhanced software that ensures all the PC key functions are up to date
  • Supports 32 bit and 64-bit Windows
  • HomePage Protection enabled by default
  • Reinforce for Windows 10 that disables administrative shares and remote assistance services
  • RealTime protection from malware
  • Fast scanning speed
  • Turbo Boost that can be configured for all actions


  • Easy and fast installation
  • Lightweight thus does not require new hardware installation
  • Does not contain unwanted third-party programs during installation
  • Generation of a detailed report of disks, CPU, and RAM
  • Expanded database of spyware removal, Real-time Protector, and Privacy Sweep
  • FaceID feature that shows any unauthorized access by unauthorized users
  • Users enjoy the automatic update to the latest version of the software
  • Designed with an option for Automatic fix of problems after the scan
  • Supports 36 languages

System requirements:

  • 300MHZ processor
  • RAM memory 256 MB
  • At least 30MB free hard disc space

How to install and Use?

  • Click on download link form the official website
  • Double- click downloaded to extract to initiate the installation
  • extract the downloaded setup file from the destination folder
  • Click the ‘Run’ button on the Security Warning Box that appears
  • Click the ‘Next’ button on the on-screen prompts
  • ‘Accept’ on the Software Licence Agreement Box
  • Choose ‘Accept’ or ‘decline’ to the request to install a web browser
  • Choose destination location
  • Alternatively, click ‘Next’ if you do not wish to change location
  • Click Select or de-select buttons on the Additional Tasks box that appears
  • Click ’finish’ to complete installation
  • To begin using, click ‘view update history’ or ‘view user manual’ buttons